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An unparalleled happening.

Connect yourself.
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Awakenings & Time Warp
Connect once again:
September 2019.

An eclectic line-up

Scene favourites and handpicked treasures.


The Story about Connect

Prepare for the second edition.

A massive line-up.

Connect showcases more than 20 artists in an eclectic mixture of international heavyweights alongside fresh talent which perfectly captures the spirit of both brands. For one night, visitors from all over the globe will experience this synthesis of spectacular floor designs, innovative light installations and stellar sound on four floors.

Stellar productions & a worldwide fanbase.

Both Awakenings and Time Warp are acclaimed for being two of the most influential electronic music brands worldwide. What would be better than joining forces for a brand new musical experience? After years of extensive planning, Awakenings and Time Warp join forces to bring you an unprecedented experience. A synthesis of two brands with a long-standing history, both acclaimed for their distinctive productions, blending into a whole new music experience: „Awakenings & Time Warp present Connect“. This special event marks a pivotal point in the history of electronic music events.

A whole new music experience.

Düsseldorf proves to be the perfect spot for this unique event. Not only does it lie at just the right distance between Mannheim and the Netherlands, but is also the ideal backdrop for this whole new festival concept, being the home of influential bands like Kraftwerk and D.A.F. For one night, 20.000 guests from all over the world will make their pilgrimage to the heart Germany and celebrate their shared love for electronic music.


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Awakenings & Time Warp pres. Connect - 21st September 2019Line Up released - learn more!